Audio/Visual Commercial

High Definition television has become a common addition to households across the country. However, beautiful video is only half of a truly immersive home theater experience. C&I Audio Visual is proud to offer High Definition Audio for all our residential clients.
In the past, expense and maintenance have kept Hi-Def Audio from widely being enjoyed by the masses. This is no longer the case. Technology today not only allows equipment to sound spectacular and retain durability, but also makes it affordable.
Also gone is the hassle of going long distances to visit a specialty retailer, or reading through pages and pages of online reviews. Stay local and visit our audio demonstration room. We’re convinced that the sound quality will sell itself. Call to set up an appointment to experience the difference Hi-Def Audio can make for your system.

  • C&I believes that you’re known for the company you keep, so you’ll only find state of the art brands and lines in our showroom.
  • The equipment we carry is hand made with the highest quality parts available, and with proper care will provide you with listening pleasure for decades to come.
  • Efficient speakers allow for musical clarity even at low volumes, preventing listening fatigue.
  • Old favorites and new tracks alike sound exciting and renewed with increased intelligibility.