Security Commercial

Security Systems

C&I Commercial Security Systems come in many varieties and tend to a wide array of security needs. Different individual systems and components can be mixed and matched to assemble your optimal system, including but not limited to:

  • Intrusion Alarm Systems: These systems usually include door switches and motion sensors both controlled by keypad. They can be installed on the premises or remotely, and can be combined with sound, water level, or temperature systems for a greater level of security monitoring.
  • Access Control: Entry and exit to your building can be controlled by either a card, fingerprint, voice recognition or even a retina scan. Each method of access is one of a kind. Access Systems are recommended for any situation that calls for authorized verification to enter doorways, gates, HVAC systems, etc.
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems: CCTV systems consist of either color or black and white cameras attached to Switching Equipment for multiple cameras on a system, Recording Equipment, and Display Equipment. The Recording System can store several days worth of camera images, either digitally or with analog tapes. These recordings can then be viewed on-site or remotely via telephone line or through your network.