Security Residential

C&I maintains our own 24 hour central monitoring station. Response services include calling cell phones or pagers and other options tailored to your needs are available. Being local also means being available to answer questions that you may have. Our staff of monitors is trained on the operation of your system, and is fully knowledgeable when it comes to questions, repairs or upgrades. If requested, expert technicians can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Quality monitoring equipment starts at the Control Panel and flows through your entire home with a security system from C&I Electronics.

  • The Control Panel, housed in a metal enclosure, functions as the “brain” of your system, keeping everything running smoothly from an out of the way location in your home. No interaction on your part with the Control Panel will be necessary.
  • For ease of use, our Keypad comes with a visual display and buttons laid out like a phone pad. This is where you control the system settings with a numeric code.
  • Switches are recessed into door or window frames, and report to the Control Panel when doors and windows have opened or closed.
  • Motion Sensors activate only when your home is unoccupied. An alarm is triggered in the event that entry to your home not through opening a door or window is attempted. For pet parents, these sensors can be programmed to exclude movement from cats, dogs, or other household pets.
  • Additional Sensors may be added to your security system, like Water Level Detectors that prevent disaster from a leaking water heater or washing machine, and Temperature Sensors to monitor abnormal temperatures in your home, basement or even a wine cellar.
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors are a wise addition to any monitoring system. Your Control Panel keeps these detectors under constant supervision, and if one detector is activated alarms will sound for the entire system.
  • In the case of an activated alarm, a Siren similar to that of a police car will sound for a programmed amount of time, silence, and then reset. The process will repeat itself if another alarm is activated.